Congressional Testimony: Keeping the Pell Grant Promise: Increasing Enrollment, Supporting Success

July 2021, U.S. House Comittee on Education and Labor’s Subcomittee on Higher Education and Workforce Investment

Presenter: Justin Ortagus

Webinar: Lessons Learned: A Year of Online Learning

April 2021, Third Way

Presenter: Justin Ortagus, Michelle Dimino, Shanna Smith Jaggars, Taela Dudley, Jillian Klein

Webinar: State Funding for Public Higher Education in the Midst of COVID-19

September 2020, InformEd States

Presenter: Justin Ortagus, Robert Kelchen, Tiffany Jones, David Tandberg

Webinar: Responding to COVID-19: What We Know About Online Education in Higher Education

May 2020, Florida Distance Learning Research Consortium

Presenter: Justin Ortagus, Ph.D. and Yong Zhao, Ph.D.

Webinar: Winning Back Stop-Outs: Evidence-Based Approaches to Increasing College Re-Enrollment. Florida College Access Network

February 2020, Florida College Access Network

Presenter: Justin Ortagus, Ph.D. and Paul Perrault, Ph.D. 

Podcast: Summit Speaker Series – Why Do Students Leave College? Preliminary Results from a Research-Practice Partnership 

April 2019, Florida College Access Network

Presenter: Justin Ortagus, Ph.D.